The Kitten Poems



Chapbook of 7 poems.

Handset in Garamond and Garamond Italic types.


My first MFA summer residency at Western State Colorado University is scansion bootcamp. Each day, we were introduced to a different poetic meter and had to write a few lines in that meter. The professor, David Rothman, reminded us that these are technical exercises, not occasions for genius, and encouraged us to write about low-stakes subjects such as socks.

The day after the residency, I was going to Grand Junction to adopt a kitten, one of eleven that my friend and fellow poet Jennifer Hancock and her neighbor Stacy Schoolfield found and fostered that summer. Suffice it to say, all my metrical exercises were about one light subject: kittens.

I thought that these were going to be throwaway exercises, but my fiction classmate Thomas Flynn caught wind of the kitten poems. He kept encouraging me to do something with them, saying things like, “The New Yorker needs some kitten poems.”

Sadly, The New Yorker does not publish sequences of poems. I felt that the kitten poems had to stay together and the idea for a chapbook was born. – Teow Lim Goh


Edition of 100. All copies signed by the artist. Private distribution only.

December 2017.

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